Restrict For Elementor

Simple solution for restricting content of your Elementor-powered WordPress website.

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@Bassem "It’s now considered one of my favorite plugins and addons for Elementor. Lightweight and simply works"

Restricted Content for WordPress
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Elements visibility

Take control of visibility of sections, columns and widgets. Visibility of each of these elements is controlled individually and may have different restriction criteria.

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Logged in users

Show or hide different widgets, columns or whole sections based on whether visitor is logged in or not.

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Users with a specific role

Use the same page but display different content to each user role. Show or hide different elements to different user roles.

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Users with specific capability

Show or hide Elementor elements to users with specific capabilities. Very useful if you are using custom user roles with custom capabilities.

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Users with specific meta value

Use any user meta key as condition and use different comparing methods and data types to make the element visible or hidden.

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Post author

Want to make some element visible or hidden to post author only? This one is for you!

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With the Geolocation IP Detection plugin integration, you can easily restrict content based on visitor's country or contient of residence.

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Display different content based on whether a user purchased specific WooCommerce product, product variation or has an active subscription via WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

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By adding just a single line to your wp-config.php file like this define('RSC_EL_PLUGIN_TITLE', 'My Restriction Plugin'); the whole plugin will become white labeled and ready for your clients.

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Alternative Content

Instead of hiding content entirely, you can display a specific Elementor template or custom formatted text to users that do not fulfill required criteria to view a content.

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EDD Integration

how or hide parts of your Elementor-powered content when somebody purchase specific Easy Digital Downloads product.

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Tickera Integration

With this Event Ticketing System for WordPress, you can choose criteria to restrict certain sections, columns and widgets for attendees who purchased specified ticket types or ticket(s) for selected events.

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