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Tickera is the event ticketing system that makes it easy for you to sell the tickets on your website. Restrict for Elementor integrates well with Tickera allowing you to use Tickera specific criteria to show or hide sections, columns and widgets created with Elementor page builder.

Of course, to be able to use Tickera specific criteria, you will need to have Tickera plugin installed and activated on your website. With Tickera installed and activated on your website, when you add a section, column or widget with Elementor page builder, in the Content area you will be able to select Tickera Users as restriction criteria. Once you select this, a new dropdown menu will appear labeled as Who which has three options:

  • Purchased any ticket – shows or hides the content to users who purchased any Tickera ticket on your website. For example, if you want to thank your customers for purchasing tickets on your website, you can create, say, a text widget with Thanks for choosing our event! or, if you reverse the logic, you can create a widget that showcases your events but if the customer already purchased a ticket, you can choose to hide it from the customers who already purchased any of the tickets.


  • Purchased a specific ticket type – when this option is selected, another field will appear where you will be able to select which ticket type exactly you want to use as criteria for showing or hiding the content. You can also select multiple tickets in which case the same content restriction will be applied to users who purchased any of selected ticket types. This is useful if you want, for example, to offer a customer a discount code to purchase another ticket in which case you can create a text widget that will be displayed only to customers who purchased a specific ticket type.


  • Purchased a ticket for specific event – if you select this option, another field will appear allowing you to select the event for which the customer is required to purchase a ticket in order for the content to be shown or hidden. Also, you can select multiple events here in which case, the same content restriction will apply to users who purchased the tickets for any of selected events. This comes in handy if, for example, you want to pitch an early bird ticket for your next event. So, you can create a section that contains Tickera’s add-to-cart button which adds an early bird ticket for the next event to the cart. Of course, this will be displayed only to the users who already purchased a ticket for your current event (the one you have selected).


Also, if you choose not to show the content with one of these criteria, you can use Alternative content that will be displayed to the users that do not meet required criteria. More about Alternative content feature can be found here.