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When you create a section, column or widget using Elementor page builder, in the Restrict area of the Content tab, you can select Logged in users.

With this option selected, you will be effectively checking whether the visitor is logged in or not and based on that show or hide the affected content. So, if you select Logged in users from the dropdown menu and set the Action to Show, this content will be displayed only if the user is logged in.

However, using the same criteria but with the Action set to Hide you can reverse the logic and hide this content from logged in users.

For example, let’s say that you have a page with some content which should be visible to logged in users only. However, at the same time, you want to make it easier for the users to log in on the same page where they should be able to see restricted content. In that case, you can place a login form widget and set it to be hidden from logged in users (which will make it visible only to logged out users) and add, say, a text widget that will be restricted to logged in users only. That way, visitors can log in and then view restricted content on the same page.

Of course, you can also use alternative content feature to display custom content to users who do not fulfill required criteria. More about this feature can be found here.