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It is not uncommon that different content is served to visitors from different countries and continents. Restrict for Elementor integrates with the Geolocation IP Detection plugin and hooks into its ability to detect the country or continent of the visitor. This allows you to use location of the visitor and make a certain section, column or widget shown or hidden based on that criteria.

Now, before we explain how this criteria works, first make sure that you have installed Geolocation IP Detection plugin. Once you have done that, it is advisable to configure it to use some other service instead of the one it comes preconfigured with. For example, you can use MaxMind City or Country database. You will need to register for the free MaxMind account and then download the database and manually upload it to your website. Granted, this is quite a hassle but is well worth it as it will provide you with much more precise results regarding visitors location. Once you have created an account, you can download the database file from the Download Files area, by clicking URL highlighted in the screenshot below:


When done, upload this file to your website and use the path to that file in the settings of Geolocation IP Detection plugin along with the Account ID and License key credentials of your MaxMind account.

With this out of the way, you can now create a page using Elementor page builder and add a section, column or widget and then in the Content area select Visitor location as criteria. Once you select this, two new fields will be revealed. First one is the dropdown menu where you can select whether you will be using Country or Continent as location type and the second one will allow you to enter all the countries or continents you want to use as criteria for showing or hiding this content.

Of course, you can apply different criteria for different sections, columns and widgets even on the same page and use a single page to display different content to users from different countries/continents.

Additionally, you can display an alternative content to visitors from other countries/continents by utilizing Alternative content feature. More about this can be found here.