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Easy Digital Downloads plugin makes it easy for you to sell digital products on your WordPress website. You can sell everything, from eBooks to PDFs and other files and it’s easy to use yet powerful and it now integrates with Restrict for Elementor, making it possible to use Easy Digital Downloads specific criteria to show or hide sections, columns and widgets created with Elementor page builder.

Of course, for this to work, you will need to have Easy Digital Downloads plugin installed and activated on your website. If you have Easy Digital Downloads installed and activated, when you add a section, column or widget with Elementor, in the Content area you will be able to select from the dropdown menu Easy Digital Downloads Users which will then reveal another dropdown menu labeled as Who that indicates to whom this content should be shown or hidden. In this next dropdown menu, there are two options:

  • Purchased any product – this will check whether the user has purchased any of Easy Digital Downloads products and will show or hide the content based on that. For example, if you want to thank users for purchasing on your website, you can place, say, a text widget saying Thank you for being our awesome customer and make this widget visible to customers who purchased any of Easy Digital Products. Or, if you reverse the logic, you can create, say, a call to action button to offer your Easy Digital Downloads products but make it hidden for the customers who already made a purchase.


  • Purchased a specific product – with this option selected, another field will appear below where you will be able to select which exact product will serve as criteria to show or hide this content. For example, if the customer purchased a specific product and you want to offer them a coupon code for their next purchase, you can simply create a text widget with the coupon code in it which will be displayed only to users who made a purchase for specific product.


If user haven’t purchased any product or required digital product (depending which of criteria you have elected to use), you can serve them alternative content more about which you can find here.