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As the title suggests, with this criteria, you can show or hide the section, column or widget to post author only.

Now, although there’s little logic in hiding the content from the post you’re author of, it makes whole lot of sense to make it visible to author only. This comes in useful if you’re working on some content which is not yet finished so you don’t want it to be visible to visitors of your website until you finish it. Granted, you can achieve the same by privately publishing the page or post or saving it as a draft. However, let’s imagine that you’re working on some content update on the home page that you’re not quite ready to publish just yet. This is where this restriction criteria comes in handy. You can work on the section, column or widget for as much as you need to and restrict its visibility to you only. That way, visitors will be able to see the rest of this page but not the thing you’re still working on. Once you’re finished, you can simply remove restriction criteria or set a different one and your content will become visible to others. Additionally, you can display the alternative content to users that will be in place of restricted content by utilizing alternative content feature more of which you can find here.